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 Welcome to InterCuba.Net


At InterCuba.Net, we lead the development of technologies for an open Internet in Cuba, Latin America and other developing regions.

Silent Strike Arsenal

We proudly present our star product, the Silent Strike Arsenal Toolkit .

A meticulously selected collection of security software, designed to integrate a wide range of powerful utilities already existing and new offensive security and privacy scripts. This kit simplifies penetration testing and information collection processes, allowing field operators and agents to efficiently implement initiatives in any Debian based system. Features a terminal and GUI implementation.



Availability and Accessibility

Soon available for purchase in our store and currently FREE for selected organizations, the Silent Strike Arsenal Toolkit (PRO EDITION) is offered on a USB device, loaded with our exclusive Debian Based Operating System and ready to be used on almost all computers and similar devices.

The physical kit includes all the modules and resources needed to start, 90% of your payment goes to hardware. The Software only download is free of charge.

Commitment to Protection and Security

We are dedicated to the protection and defense of organizations in unstable regions. We conduct comprehensive web security analysis for companies, seeking to identify and solve online vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive assessments include defensive and proactive security strategies, providing practical recommendations to strengthen your company's protection measures.

Our Goal: Empowering for a Safer Future

At InterCuba.Net, our enthusiasm for improving cybersecurity and promoting the free flow of information drives us. Our goal is to equip individuals, businesses and communities with the skills, knowledge and support necessary for a safe, informed and powerful presence in cyberspace. We invite you to join our mission, contributing to a more robust and protected future.


About us

We work hand in hand with activist organizations in communist-controlled countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, China, Argentina and more. We understand the unique challenges facing these communities and are dedicated to providing them with the technological tools and support they need to carry out their vital work.

Our extensive network of cyber specialists support us, constantly working behind the scenes to improve our technology and ensure that we have an increasing database of valuable information. This collaboration allows us to specifically serve certain groups of activists, ensuring that they can operate without being detected while accessing critical resources.


One of our key initiatives involves the secure disclosure of confidential information, such as lists of political prisoners with contact information. Through close collaboration with our activist partners, we are actively helping to transform this data into a search format, allowing efficient access to crucial information. This effort aims to empower organizations and individuals in their humanitarian and promotional work, while maintaining maximum security and confidentiality.

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It drives us,  a deep commitment to support the search for freedom, democracy and human rights in these challenging environments.


By providing advanced technological solutions, we strive to allow activists to carry out their missions effectively while protecting their anonymity and safety.

Together, with our activist partners and dedicated volunteer cyber specialists, we are building a stronger and more resilient community. Our vision is to create a world where people can exercise their rights and express themselves freely, even in the face of oppressive regimes.

Join us in our mission to enhance change and generate a significant impact. Together we can forge a path to a better future for all.












By buying our toolkit and hiring us, you contribute directly to the cause. The revenue generated allows us to cover expenses such as transport and bribes, necessary in countries such as Cuba and Venezuela, even more so since the establishment of a Chinese spy base in Havana (2019).

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